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Local Bank Supports Women to Establish, Run Businesses


As a result of consistent work being carried out in Uzbekistan on raising the status and comprehensively support women in society and protect their rights and interests they are becoming more active in industries, business practices and other areas.

For example, the Ipoteka-bank Joint-Stock Credit Bank accomplishes an effective work in this direction, according to the Uzbekistan National News Agency.

The fact that in 2008 the Bank allotted loans worth 104,5 billion Uzbek soums for female entrepreneurs busied in small business confirms the aforesaid.

According to the press-service of the Ipoteka-bank, a special attention is now being paid to financially support the female entrepreneurs. In line with the Decree of President of May 25, 2004 “On additional measures to support the activity of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan”, by now the credits were allotted to about 9,000 female entrepreneurs nationwide.

With a view of creating new jobs the women who were going to run their business have received the soft loans worth almost 13,5 billion. Those means have been channeled to the spheres of production and industries, commerce and services which the women are known to have been mostly busied at.

“In order to procure equipment and raw to produce the knitted goods we have received soft loans worth 15 million Uzbek soums from the Yakkasaroy Office of the Ipoteka-bank,” Sanobar Tursunova, the director of the Ohunbobo fayz Limited Liability Company, said. “In 2008 we manufactured goods worth 14,8 million soums. The bulk of the employees make up women.”

The Okhangaron Ismigul private enterprise which received loans worth 70 million Uzbek soums from the Ipoteka-bank with a goal to better the servicing the citizens has built a restaurant by employing more than 20 local people. The private entrepreneur Munojat Umurova from Samarkand, thanks to loans worth 15 million soums that she had been able to receive, produces the cotton goods.

The number of female entrepreneurs who run their business thanks to loans allotted by the Ipoteka-bank is ever on the rise. This promotes further growth of prosperity of the Uzbek people and serves for creating more jobs. A vivid example to this is the fact that in 2008 thanks to means of the Bank over 1000 jobseekers were employed.

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English

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