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The Rogun reservoir in Tajikistan can provoke an earthquake


Rogun reservoir in Tajikistan can provoke a strong earthquake, according to Bakhodir Sitdikov, Doctor of geologic-mineralogical sciences, Senior researcher of  the Institute of Geology and Exploration of Oil and Gas Fields  under the "Uzbekneftegaz" National holding company. In his view there many facts that support his argument.
    "Chinese and American scientists have new evidence indicating that the disastrous earthquake in Chinese Sichuan province in 2008 was triggered by the reservoir created four years ago, as a result of which more than 80 thousand people died and went missing. The earthquake was caused by the overweight of 320 million tons of water which exerted pressure on the tectonic faults. 750 million dollars were spent to create the dam. It is noteworthy that in 2001, when the dam was only beginning to be erected, expert Li Yukai warned the Chinese authorities that they underestimate the risk of a major earthquake ", said B.Sitdikov.
    He also said that there were many other examples where human activity intensified tectonic movements and caused an earthquake. They were mainly associated with the accumulation of large masses of water in reservoirs or pumping it into injection wells.
    All this suggests that the construction and operation of reservoirs are definitely accompanied by earthquakes, and the larger is the reservoir the greater is the risk of strong earthquakes. The Rogun reservoir being constructed in Tajikistan is classified as large. This has not been considered properly in drafting the construction and the evaluation of seismic hazard", emphasized the Uzbek scientist. In his view, only previously registered weak seismic events were used there.
    It was not also taken into account that the whole Vakhsh Valley is saturate subject to numerous "live" tectonic faults with amplitude of the displacement of blocks could reach 1000 meters. All this suggests that the construction of Rogun can trigger major earthquakes with horrific consequences for the Tajik people. And not only for them, but also the peoples of neighboring countries ", summed up Dr. Sitdikov.

    (Source - Information Agency "Jahon")

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