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Constitution - the foundation of a sovereign and democratic state


On December 5, 2012, Committee on Legislation, Judicial and Legal Issues of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis held a seminar on “The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan – basis of the legislative activity of Parliament”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It was attended by representatives of the Constitutional, Supreme, Supreme Economic Court, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Bar Association of Uzbekistan, National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek, Tashkent State Law Institute, Higher educational courses under the General Prosecutor's Office, Academy of MIA, Republican center for improvement of professional skills of lawyers, civil society institutions and the mass media.


It was noted that the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan enshrines rights and freedoms of human. It enshrines the principle of rule of law, separation of state powers to the legislative, executive and judicial, creation of effective mechanisms of checks and balances between them, which is an important condition for formation of a democratic state. The Constitution created a legal basis of civil society development, political parties, approved the basic principles and mechanisms of electoral system, strengthened guarantees of freedom of choice and will of people, the right of everyone to vote and to be elected to representative bodies.


Participants of the event noted that in Uzbekistan, everything is being done to ensure so that national legislation could be in line with international standards in the field of human rights, and in the sphere of democratization. Stable and dynamic political system that runs on a professional basis of bicameral parliament is created in the country. The quality and validity of the adopted laws has significantly improved. Adoption of the Constitution was the beginning of clear, regulating relations in all spheres of public and state-building, legal system of Uzbekistan, all branches of national legislation. Over the years of independence of Uzbekistan, in accordance with the Constitution, the Parliament of the country adopted 7 constitutional laws, 15 codes, over 600 laws, ratified more than 200 multilateral international treaties and formed in such a way a coherent legal mechanism of implementing the Basic Law of the country. Its effectiveness is proven by time and today is recognized by the whole world community.


Participants of the event emphasized that democratic reforms carried out in Uzbekistan have systematic, consistent and interrelated character. Thus, developed by the President Islam Karimov the Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and establishing civil society in the country opens a new stage of development of the state and society, and at the same time is a deeply thought-out and comprehensive strategic program of continuing the democratic reforms in the framework of implementing fundamental rules of the Constitution.


Through legislative initiatives outlined in the Concept of the President, national legislation, including in parliamentary system, ensuring effective inter-factional fighting and inter-party competition has consistently improved. In this regard the adoption in March 2011 of the Law “On introducing amendments and addenda to some articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Articles 78, 80, 93, 96 and 98)” is of great importance. It aims at further democratization of state power and control, ensuring more balanced distribution of powers between the three subjects of state power – the President – head of state, legislative and executive branches, as well as strengthening the role and influence of political parties in implementing democratic reforms. According to the new law, a part of the President’s powers is given to the Senate, rights and powers of the Prime Minister of the country strengthened. All this fully match enshrined in the Constitution of Uzbekistan to the belief that the government represents the will of people and serve their interests, as well as significantly contributes to implementation of the constitutional principle of powers separation, creation of an effective system of checks and balances.


It was noted that in Uzbekistan, a lot of attention is paid to increasing legal culture of population. Because citizens who know and understand their rights fixed in the Constitution, are actively involved in deepening democratic process in the country.

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