Meeting at the ASEAN Secretariat
Jakarta, 13 February 2009
Meeting at the Parliament of Indonesia
Jakarta, 13 February 2009
Meeting at the MFA of Indonesia
Jakarta, 13 February 2009
Deputy Minister of Uzbekistan met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia
Jakarta, 11 March 2014

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On amnesty in connection with the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan


The Uzbek Senate adopted an amnesty act in connection with the 20th anniversary of the republic's Constitution.Chairman of the Senate Committee for Legislation, Judicial and Legal Affairs Svetlana Artikova, who presented the draft law, stressed that firstly the amnesty should be applied to those whose crimes are not dangerous to society. The adopted resolution states that women below the age of 18, men over 60 and foreign citizens will be amnestied.In addition, the amnesty will cover invalids of the first and second groups, prisoners suffering serious illnesses, as well as those who committed a crime of negligence and sentenced for the first time.Those who are convicted of involvement in terrorist organizations for the first time and not committed serious crimes will also be amnestied. At the same time the amnesty will not apply to those sentenced to life in prison, convicted of murder and those committing particularly serious crimes. The Senate resolution will take effect starting on the date of publication in the mass media.

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