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Festive Congratulation by President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday


Dear compatriots! 

Distinguished guests!

We celebrate with great preparation and profound joy the holidays and festivities dedicated to the historical dates and landmark occasions of our Homeland and people. 

However, one can say without any doubt that the festive ceremonies and events held to welcome Navruz, which now festively enters our land and stands as a symbol of rejuvenation, renovation and beginning of oriental New Year, surely cannot be compared to any holiday. 

Taking this opportunity, today I am profoundly happy to express my deep respect and esteem, show my love and affection, and congratulate you, my dear compatriots, who have joyfully gathered in this beautiful venue, and in your person, our entire nation on the holiday of Navruz. 

Dear friends! 

No doubt, it is not by chance and there is a deep meaning and essence that our people do welcome Navruz with much longing and yearning for it, tenderly celebrate it as the most ancient and truly national holiday. 

We should see the reason to the aforementioned, above all, in the fact that the ancient customs and traditions of our people being safely preserved since the times of «Avesto» have been harmoniously reflected in the ideas of Navruz throughout millennia. 

Such an attitude means first of all treating with respect and esteem our ancient and grand history, the heritage of our great ancestors and our rich culture. Along with this, it will be right to say that such an attitude serves as a bright testimony to and confirmation of the fact that no matter how very difficult it was for us throughout our near and far past and no matter what hard trials we had to endure, we live by not betraying our sacred values and staying always devoted to them, while passing them on to a new generation with nurture and care. 

As Navruz enters our land, each of us enjoys and witnesses the awakening of every living creature, blossoming of sprouts and greenery around us, the changes both in land and skies and breath of a spring, as well as unwittingly and deeply feel that we are part and parcel of mother nature.  

On such an occasion, time and again we do realize that one should stay in harmony and unison with nature, live with a feeling of thankfulness and cherish each and every day of this tranquil life. 

In these wonderful moments, each and every person, each and every family living in our country irrespective of their nationality, language and religion, tend to manifest with joy and pleasure their yearning for spring, dreams and aspirations and beaming faces. 

At these radiant and joyful days any resentment and grudge, conflicts and standoffs are forgiven. Our compatriots sitting at the dastarkhan (festively laid national table) which is decorated with such rare viands as sumalak, khalim and kuksomsa wish to share the Navruz edibles and their delight with kin and friends opening up their souls to the world. 

They wish peace and tranquility, happiness and prosperity to everyone, visit the esteemed elderly and obtain their blessings. 

At this benevolent festival showing the munificence, care and attention to the sick, orphans and the needy as well as engaging in virtuous deeds, - all of this confirms that such qualities are imbibed to the soul and consciousness of our people with goodness and kindness always remaining in their hearts. 
Dear friends and compatriots, what do our people wish? First of all, they do wish peace and tranquility prevail in our Homeland, neighboring regions and throughout the world. They do wish the conflicts and confrontations ongoing in different territories to be resolved without using force, only by way of peace and political negotiations. 

Our nation which strives for clear skies and stable peaceful life for itself also wishes the same to other nations. 

Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate the distinguished ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, entire diplomatic corps who are present in our today’s festivities and showing respect and esteem to us on Navruz holiday. I would also like to congratulate the peoples of near and far countries on this holiday. Allow me to wish all of them prosperity and well-being. 

Dear friends! 

I wish that in these glowing and joyous moments, as we stand in this sublime park, such a wish of our ancestor Alisher Navoi, who is looking at us with kindness, «Let each our day be a Navruz» must echo to us anew and let such a pleasant mood always accompany you, my dear compatriots. 

Today, by looking at the bright faces of our young men and women who are entering the life full of strength, I would like to say that all of us should never forget the following: the international community assesses the progress of our Homeland and our strife to join the ranks of developed democratic states of the world by taking into account, first of all, the potential of our forthcoming youth, its thirst for knowledge and ability to master science, mature as a harmoniously developed generation and by looking at what we are capable of. 

It is for this very reason that we highly value my children as our hope, buttress and decisive power, who deeply realize their self, dignity and the duty before Homeland, my children who set higher goals and stand ready to compete with all their contemporaries in the world. We will never spare ourselves in growing you up with care and nurture. 

My dear and blossoming children, may Navruz bestow on you spring rejuvenation, happiness and luck, love and affection, and fulfillment of your heartfelt wishes. 

Dear compatriots! 

Let our skies be clear, our Homeland be safe and our nation be tranquil! 

Let kindness, mercy and plenty prevail in our homes! 

Long live our esteemed fathers and beloved mothers, let innermost wishes of our brothers and sisters come true! 

Happy Navruz to all of us! 

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